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Jewish and Oriental Music

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Majimaz - the name of the ensemble derives from the Hebrew word “majim”- meaning “water” and from the Arabian word “almaz” – meaning “diamond”. In the Near East water is live giving. Water combines, connects, and causes dryness to bloom. Water is therefore as precious as diamonds.

In many parts of the world Jews, Arabs and Christians lived peacefully together. This resulted in a unique and flowing exchange of cultures, out of which a precious musical heritage was born.

Today, using new and own music arrangements, Majimaz wants to awaken the interconnection of Jewish and Arabian music. With Sefardian vocal music, Arabian and Jewish instrumental music as well as Ancient Israeli and Yiddish songs a new sound of peace should uprise. A peace, the more remote it seems, the greater the urgency.


Simone Pergmann: founder & leader of majimaz, vocals

marwan abado: oud, vocals

robert friedl: clarinet, saxophone

Bernie Rothauer: guitar, percussion

bernd konzett: bass, accordion




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